High-performance natural cat litter

Each Wee Kitty® variant is formulated to perform better for specific customer needs

Wee Kitty Natural Clumping Corn Litter

Made with biodegradable corn and scientifically proven to outperform all other cat litters on absorption.

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Wee Kitty Bamboo Odor Control Litter

Made with sustainable and naturally absorbent bamboo fibers infused with charcoal to trap unwanted odors.

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Wee Kitty Eco Plant Flushable Litter

A flushable and biodegradable clumping litter made from sustainable and natural absorbent soy and wheat fibers.

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Wee Kitty® provides all the features cat owners are looking for and independent test results prove it

Concentrated Clumping

Forms scoopable clumps after use so clean-up is simple and mess-free

Extra Absorbent

Proven to absorb 5x its weight in liquid so you use less litter every time!

Vegan & Biodegradable

Made from sustainable and naturally absorbent fibers

Fast Odor Control

Within 5 minutes of use, no ammonia odor remains

Flushable & Septic Safe*

Completely dissolves in 5 minutes so it's safe to flush in small quantities

Paw Friendly

Paw friendly pellets are low tracking and low dusting

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Say no to environmentally unfriendly cat litter and hello to litter purrfection!

After trying a number of different clomping and crystal litters this one is the best. Clumps well, flush wee clumps and solids down loo and you’re set. For two cats I change the tray 10-12 days. No smell at all for the duration. Highly recommend

- Sheridan M.

This litter is so great. My cats love it and it's easy to dispose of the clumps. This enables the litter to last way longer. No smell. We all love it. Don't we kitties? Meow! :)

- Kat

My Siberian kitty took to it without any issues. No lingering odour. Clumps well and ready to keep clean. Love that it is eco friendly and lasts longer than paper pellets. Highly recommend.

- Concetta H.

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