Cat Explorers: The New Furry Friends to Adventure With

Cat Explorers: The New Furry Friends to Adventure With

There is something that humans and cats have in common. We both love to explore and experience new things. Maybe it is as small as finding a new coffee shop, or as exciting as climbing a mountain! Regardless of what we are doing, it is always enriching to explore the world around us. Many of us believe that if we want a 4-legged companion to join us on these adventures, we need to have a dog. While dogs make great adventure companions, your cat could make a wonderful explorer buddy as well. Yes! That’s right. Cats can join you on all your expeditions both small and large.

If you are interested in this exciting idea, The Catexplorer Podcast is an uplifting podcast dedicated to challenging and changing the presumption that cats are indoor pets only. They are encouraging people with cats of all ages to explore the world together; enriching both of their lives through adventure and bonding. With four successful seasons under their belt and a fifth season underway, the Cat Explorer Podcast has reached thousands of listeners, ranking #1 in Australia, #3 in Canada, and #6 In the United States for the Apple Podcast Pets & Animal Category. While they focus mainly on cat exploring, they also educate cat lovers on general cat topics including feeding, grieving loss, grooming, and more!

Each week they take on a new topic, often inviting guest influencers and cat experts on to discuss a topic or to talk about their own experiences having an adventure cat. Some notable guests include our own CEO Anneke van den Broek, Simon and JJ Yosh (@backpackingkitty), and James and Gary (@greatgramsofgary)



Along with the podcast, they run the Catexplorer Podcast Facebook group. There, they engage with their listeners: a growing community of likeminded, animal-loving people dedicated to bringing their feline friends of all ages along with them on their outdoor adventures all around the world. They share photos and stories of their cats offering support, advice and, of course, cute pictures of their outings. Don’t be surprised if you run into some famous feline faces along the way! The first two being Lumos and Noxie, the Podcast’s founders' (Hasara and Daniel Lay) kitties. These modern cats love to explore. So much so, Rufus and Coco decided to make them ambassadors for our new product Wee Kitty Eco Plant Clumping Litter. It made sense for a modern and exciting product to have ambassadors that are just as modern and exciting! The adoption of Lumos and Noxie inspired Hasara to create Catexplorer, and now they are influencing people all around the world to open their mind and explore with their cats.

See if your cat would make the purrfect adventure kitty! Tune into the Catexploer podcast every Monday and the next time you plan a trip think about bringing your kitty. Adventure awaits!

You can check out The Cat Explorer Podcast on any platform that you listen to podcasts on or at
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