Essentials to making a getaway with your pet furrific!

Essentials to making a getaway with your pet furrific!

These holidays, why not explore our beautiful country, and even better – build memories with your best (furry) mate!

We've put some tips together on how to make a getaway with your pet furrific:

Spend some time creating a pet resume
Include things like vaccinations, flea and worming treatments and training courses, and you’ll find that most properties will be more than happy to accommodate you! Find tips on creating a pet resume here.

Safety first!
Pets need to be buckled in too, and drivers may be fined for having an unruly or unsafe pet in a vehicle. If you’re taking your pet on a roadtrip, pack a comfy harness with a seatbelt attachment and buckle up all of your family members. 

Fun can be messy, and washing your pet can be a challenge on the road.
Take along a dry shampoo for pets like Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash which can have your pet smelling sweet and looking their best in moments, without the hassle.

Be sure to pack enough food and water 
If you’re venturing to remote locations, make sure your fur baby has enough food and water.

Make sure your pet is micro-chipped!
You can check your chip’s contact details at Pop an engraved ID tag on your pet too. The risk of your pet losing their way or escaping is much higher in an unfamiliar environment, and the quickest way to have them returned safely to you is through an ID tag with phone number.

‘Accidents’ do happen 
Epecially if your dog is out of routine and not sure where they should go to the toilet. Take your pet for regular toilet stops, and include some Rufus & Coco Wee Away in your bag to completely remove stain and odour from any surprise messes. It’s safe to use in the car, on upholstery or carpet so will help in any wee emergency.

Pack a ‘parking’ style lead 
This will allow you to clip your pet’s lead onto chair legs, fences or trees if you need to secure them while you’re out and about. The Rufus & Coco Multi Purpose Lead is a great example.

Still deciding on the best holiday for you and your pet?
Find the pawfect one here.

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