Is human shampoo safe fur your little mate?

Is human shampoo safe fur your little mate?

Skin is our largest organ and plays an integral role in keeping us healthy. It protects us from disease and injury and helps regulate body temperature, so keeping our skin in great shape is vital to maintaining overall health.

Human skin is around 10 to 15 cells thick, while the skin of a dog is only 3 to 5 cells thick.

Dog Skin + pH Levels:
Mention the words 'pH balance' and most people will tune out! But when it comes to dog shampoo, numbers do matter.

A pH measurement tells you how acidic or how alkaline a substance is. Water is neutral, and sits right in the middle of the scale.

So why does this matter?
A dog's skin sits around 7.0
A human's skin sits around 5.5

Each step on the scale actually equals to a 100 x increase in acidity. So if you're thinking of using your own shampoo on your pet - think again! A human's shampoo will be around 200 times too acidic for a pet's skin.

Acidic shampoos very quickly damage the thin skin layers in a dog's thin skin levels, which leads to irritation, itching, sores and potentially dermatitis or fungal infections.

How can you prevent this?
Simply look for a dog or pet shampoo that is labelled as pH balanced for pet's skin to help your little mate look great, and feel great too.

Things to avoid in shampoos:

  • Parabens 
  • Sulfates
  • Artificial or irritating fragrances
  • Soap
  • Acidic pH levels

Australian Manufacturing Standards
All Rufus & Coco grooming and cleaning products are produced in Australia and in strict laboratory standards. Our products must comply with Australian Standards – extensive mandatory product safety standards that ensure products are safe and fit for use.

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