pH balance - numbers matter!

pH balance - numbers matter!

Mention the words 'pH balance' and most people will tune out! But when it comes to dog shampoo, numbers do matter.

A pH measurement tells you how acidic or how alkaline a substance is. Water is neutral, and sits right in the middle of the scale.

So why does this matter?

A dog's skin sits around 7.0.

A human's skin sits around 5.5

Each step on the scale actually equals to a 100 x increase in acidity. So if you're thinking of using your own shampoo on your pet - think again! A human's shampoo will be around 200 times too acidic for a pet's skin.

The skin of a dog is only 3 to 5 cells thick, while human skin is around 10 to 15 cells thick. Acidic shampoos very quickly damage the thin skin layers in a dog's thin skin levels, which leads to irritation, itching, sores and potentially dermatitis or fungal infections.

How can you prevent this? Simply look for a dog or pet shampoo that is labelled as pH balanced for pet's skin to help your little mate look great, and feel great too.

Try the Rufus & Coco dog grooming range, now available at PetSmart stores across the USA!

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