Straight off the catwalk

Straight off the catwalk

The cat’s out the bag - leashes are no longer just for dog’s. Here are 6 tips for introducing your cat to the great outdoors.

1. Know your cat
Even though we suggest gently introducing them to the idea, keep in mind that not all cats are adventure seekers – some may prefer to simply sniff around your garden and laze in the sun. Respect that.

2. Find the pawfect fit
Find a harness that fits comfortably. Snug, but not too tight—you should be able to fit a finger or two under the strapped harness.

3. Start indoors
Leave the harness out in your home for a few days so that your cat can smell and play with it. Once used to it, let them wear it around the house to grow accustomed to their latest wardrobe addition! You can even attach the leash.

4. Reward them
Reward your cat with treats throughout the process. Pay attention to how your kitty reacts to the harness, you want it to be a positive experience. If they seem comfortable, leave it on a bit longer, but if they get upset, provide a food distraction and slip the harness off.

5. Venture out
Ready for the first outdoor adventure? Carry your harnessed cat outside. Letting them walk out the door may just turn your cat into a future escape artist!

6. Find a quiet place
Start in a safe and relatively unstimulating place to walk your cat until you’re both familiar with the experience. Keep the leash loose and follow behind your cat, letting them decide when they are ready to do a little more exploring.

If being kitted out in a harness still isn’t for your kitty, that’s ok. There are other ways to keep them entertained and stimulated. Try a catio (cat patio) - an outdoor enclosure where your cat can walk around freely and safely, while still exploring the outdoor world. You can also try a cat stroller or cat bag. If those little paws would still rather stay indoors, cat toys may be your purrfect solution.

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